50 Personal Observations From 1 Year Of Writing

Lessons learned from one year of writing a lot of words

Dayon Cotton
9 min readMay 22, 2020


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It’s insane how much can happen in one year.

*Looks at Pandemic and Biden election*

For many people, this year has been one of the most life-changing moments of our human lives. Perhaps, life-defining for some. It’s a year that has forced us all to live differently.

It’s also the first year that I took my online writing seriously and became committed to this internet journey.

Contrary to the advice of many popular writers, I didn’t write every single day. However, I found great success and happiness in sharing my love for wordplay with the wider world.

Without a doubt, it’s been an incredible experience. As well as being a digital writer, I also experiment with video editing and graphic design while working a day job as an active duty US military member.

Now with that out of the way…

Here are my personal observations, reflections, and lessons learned from not writing during this time period of my life:

  1. Cohabitating with your girlfriend is a huge adjustment and should not be taken lightly. To be perfectly honest, I took it lightly…and well it required some self-exploration and mistake fixing.
  2. Taking a break from writing feels really nice. There is this sweet release from the expectation to constantly create more content. Sometimes, it just feels nice to switch off and just enjoy life.
  3. On that note, expectations really are the enemy of everything. The constant expectation, from myself, that I should be writing something…ANYTHING, is as harmful as not writing anything at all. Both of these thought patterns contribute to becoming your own worst enemy.
  4. No…seriously. Make time for your girlfriend or girlfriend will give you evil eyes.
  5. As a results-oriented person, not creating or striving for something more is a real killer to the mood. Learning to reconcile that with my relationship is my latest challenge.
  6. Yes, taking a break from writing doesn’t make…



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