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Hey, What’s Up, Everyone! Welcome to my Medium page!

It’s here you will find my personal writing and my love for the spoken word. I’m a generalist style writer which means I don’t have a specific topic niche. I write about the things that I’m passionate about.

However, in general, I focus mainly on social issues, but I have been venturing into finance, sexual empowerment, and gaming recently.

Don’t worry if that seems overwhelming. I’m here to have a good time through wordplay. Follow along and enjoy the ride with me!

Besides my writing, you will also find information on who I am, personally, outside the world of content…

Putting yourself out there and embracing feedback could be your missing spark

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Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

In October of 2020, I almost quit writing for good.

At the time, I was reaching a point of immense burnout and dissatisfaction with the content I was putting out. Honestly, this is a side effect of having unrealistically high standards, but it’s also just general fatigue. I had been blogging for one solid year until that point. And while the results weren’t bad, they were hitting below my expectations.

Like many starry-eyed creatives, I dreamt of conquering the world with my vision. I wanted to branch out from my usual line of 9–5 work and explore something that I…

Friendships are great — until they become inconvenient

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Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

“It’s A Blue World Without You

…It’s A Blue World…Alone.”

Rapper Mac Miller, “Blue World”

An inconvenient truth of life is that friendships are built more from convenience than actual human connection.

Many of our friendships are built on the premise of just being around each other. You become friends with your classmates because you attend the same classes, befriend coworkers at your mutual job, and connect with other people due to timing. While we want to attribute our connections to a desire for human companionship, the honest truth is most of the time, it was just convenient.

Or maybe…

Your problems can be your best friend during this time

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As someone with a tendency of overthinking, this quarantine time is both a blessing and a curse. You’re forced to sit still in a solitary environment as your thoughts run free. Even worse, you may be thinking about your problems. The many challenges and what-if’s that are resulting from this uncertain time period of our lives.

Deep thinking is a hell of a drug. It can lead to passionate, creative highs — and anxiety-inducing fear if you allow it.

You could run from it. Just run from all of it. Why sit alone and allow yourself to be miserable with…

Parents aren’t perfect…but you only get two of them so enjoy it

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The author and his parents (It was an enormous pain to get my separated parents in one picture)

My parents are my backbone. Still are. They’re the only group that will support you if you score zero or you score 40.

—American NBA Player, Kobe Bryant

For so much of my young adult life, I have been bitter with my parents. And honestly, I had my reasons. My parents rarely got along and they spent much of my childhood arguing at the top of their lungs. One side blaming the other in a never-ending battle of petty squabbles and endless debates.

Like many children, I wasn’t part of the plan. My parents met up when they were younger…

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions we have. Use that.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The best writing I have ever wrote is whenever I’m really pissed off.

In those moments of anger, my writing ascends to a new level. It’s easier than ever to enter into a flow state and let my words do the talking. Sometimes, I create more words and publish much more frequently. Other times, it leads to the creation of some of the most raw and honest articles I have ever wrote.

And lately, I have been feeling quite a bit of anger.

More than just anger, I’m furious. While dealing with a medical condition, it’s become a constant disruption…

Regardless of gender, one person’s pleasure is none of our concern

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Photo by nappy from Pexels

‘’We live in a society, where honor is a distant memory.”

Popular Internet Meme

As someone who is empathic to the needs of many people, I have never understood the need for slut-shaming. Why does the pleasure of another concern someone else so much? It’s disturbing how much emphasis society will place on the control and judgment of a woman’s body.

If a woman has only a few partners, she’s not sexually confident enough.

If a woman has had too many partners, she’s a slut and somehow *earned* the right to be slut-shamed.

If a woman outright refuses to tell…

In a world that values career above all else, don’t forget about your health and happiness

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Photo by Laura James from Pexels

Guilty Vacation Syndrome

There’s something about missing a day's work that gives me a deep feeling of despair in the void of my body.

Recently, my quality of work at my day job is taking a severe hit.

Taking time off from work shouldn’t feel this hard. However, I’m left with few options. Due to a series of increasingly painful migraines, it’s forcing me to abscond from my career duties and leave my work in the hands of others. It’s forcing me to delegate some of my responsibilities, add to the stress of an already minimized workforce, and negatively impact everyone involved. …

It’s time to push the limits

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Photo by Penda Kamati from Pexels

Achieving The Next Level

What are the two things that Allison Gaines, Joe Duncan, Genius Turner, and Yael Wolfe all have in common?

  1. They are some of my favorite writers, but that’s not the important part.
  2. The important part is they take their writing seriously. They are committed to the craft of wordplay and they put in the work. Writing is a hard commitment to improving yourself bit by bit. They each give their words the care they need to grind and shine.

Going forward, my endgoal is to do the same and reach that level. While I have come a long way as…

Writing is an unyielding fight against everything life throws at us

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Photo by Harvey Gibson on Unsplash

We all have our own battles and writing is no different. Writing is often seen as just sitting down, allowing the words to flow, and hitting the “submit” button. However, it runs deeper than that. If it was that easy, all of us would be best-selling authors.

Nah…writing is more than just wordplay, it’s a neverending fight against ourselves. It’s a constant one-on-one match against the hardest, darkest parts of our souls. Whether it’s the physical distractions of life or confronting the darkest parts of our psyche, we’re all fighting against something. …

Dayon Cotton

I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life,, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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