A Weird, But Helpful, IPhone 11 Review

Not a regular tech review

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Why not Apple

Until now, I have always stood as a vigilant, steadfast guard against the Apple Empire. I personally feel that their products are way overpriced for what you’re paying for. To put it simply, everyone can do their job but cheaper. Whether you desire camera quality, beautiful screen resolution or insane computing power, nearly every smartphone on the market has what you’re looking for. As the smartphone race gets more competitive each year, advancements have stagnated. This means many smartphones are identical in feature set as they pander more to consumers. There is less innovation and more safe ideas.

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More than a Brand

Upon opening the box, it seems like nothing special. You have the phone itself, wired earphones and the charger. Nothing different there.

Final Thoughts

So yeah, they got me. This is awesome. I’m in. While yes, I still think you’re paying for the brand, the phone is finally earning that price. It’s not just marketing anymore, it really is a better product compared to the rest of the competition.

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