About Dayon Cotton — Welcome To My Medium! *Updated 2/1/2021*

Here’s what to expect about myself, my writing, and future projects

Dayon’s Personal Photography

Hey, What’s Up, Everyone! Welcome to my Medium page!

It’s here you will find my personal writing and my love for the spoken word. I’m a generalist style writer which means I don’t have a specific topic niche. I write about the things that I’m passionate about.

However, in general, I focus mainly on social issues, but I have been venturing into finance, sexual empowerment, and gaming recently.

Don’t worry if that seems overwhelming. I’m here to have a good time through wordplay. Follow along and enjoy the ride with me!

Besides my writing, you will also find information on who I am, personally, outside the world of content writing.

Table Of Contents

  • Latest Top Articles
  • Introduction — Who Is Dayon Cotton
  • My Twitter / YouTube channels
  • My E-Commerce Store / Amazon Affiliate
  • How To Contact Me
  • Recommended Writers That You Should Follow
  • Dedication To Everyone That Follows Me
Dayon’s Personal Photography

Introduction — Who Is Dayon Cotton

So outside the internet, I live my day job as active duty US Navy. So yeah, despite being active military, I still find time to write thousands of words (somehow). I’m originally born as a native of small-town East Texas, but military life has me currently in Connecticut.

Besides maintaining a weekly writing habit, I’m also an avid gamer, fitness enthusiast, financial guru (not certified, just knowledgable), and a natural Empath.

My Twitter / YouTube channels

While I have been a Medium writer for the past year, and a writer for most of my life, I have just recently started creating for YouTube and TikTok. Just give me some time to grow on those platforms : )

Personal Twitterhttps://twitter.com/dayoncotton00

My YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxQc7rrZy0Wx_vX-tuHweaQ?view_as=subscriber

My E-Commerce Store / Amazon Affiliate / Donation

Any projects and equipment I own are all paid out of pocket for my own creative use and to serve those that engage with me. Any contribution to help me out is always appreciated but only do so if it’s within your means.

Regardless, I’m grateful for you showing up and giving me your time and consideration.

My Creator Kit and the equipment I use to create my content https://kit.co/Dayoncotton

Paypal Donation Sitepaypal.me/dayoncotton

Disclaimer: As implied, these are affiliate links to my various e-commerce sites. Anything you pay for there, I will make a small profit. I only recommend products that I have used myself, and these products have been influential in inspiring positive changes in my life. While I will make a small profit from their sales, I genuinely hope they provide you true value and enhance your life as well. : )

How To Contact Me → → → Email or Social Media

For personal inquiries, commissions, and special requests, please contact me at my email, dayon1020@gmail.com.

Or just reach out to me on Twitter, @dayoncotton00 — I’m usually very active over there.

Recommended Writers That You Should Follow

Allison Gaines — If you’re looking for well-researched writing on civil rights and social activism, check her out! She even cites the sources in EVERY article.

Emma London — A rising star in the sex blogging field and someone that help educate you in the sexual field.

Joe Duncan — An established writer, and great dude, he’s extremely knowledgable on relationships, sex, matters of the heart, and modern masculinity.

Cholia Johnson — She writes for black empowerment and positivity for black women! Please check her out!

Damian Delune — A new writer with a fresh perspective on sexual topics! Give him a read! You won’t be disappointed!

Li Charmaine Anne, Itxy Lopez, and Anangsha Alammyan — If you’re looking for solid advice on writing, self-help, and entrepreneurship, check them out!

Dedication To Everyone That Follows Me

A special article I made as a show of appreciation and gratitude to anyone that reads my work!

I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life, dayon1020@gmail.com, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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