Dedication And Thank You To Everyone That Followed Me In 2020

2020 was my best year ever — Thanks for being a part of it!

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Hey Happy New Years Everyone! Welcome to 2021!

So this is a sincere thank you to the numerous people that have discovered my writing in the past year.

So just a quick recap of my Medium journey…

  • Outside of Medium, I’m active duty military — US Navy to be exact. So like many of my Medium peers, I lived an unorthodox life. I attended one year of college before joining the service. While my life became rich with life experience, I severely lacked the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship or following my own passions. Instead of spending my early twenties in a college classroom, I was out to sea doing other things.
  • After years of service, I admittedly became pretty burned out. I sought something deeper — something more fulfilling than just giving my life away to causes bigger than myself. And thus my love for writing was born. Actually, I been writing since I was a kid, but writing during deployment is where the real growth began.
  • In October 2019, I began my journey on Medium. Initially, I had no idea what to expect or how this whole thing was going to play out. It was my first introduction to the world of blogging and content creation.
  • Initially, my writing was mainly a series of personal essays and articles that lacked serious direction. Most of it focused on my mental health and lessons learned from years prior.
  • The hard truth is that I didn’t set out to become a writer in the pursuit of internet fame and fortune. It was the death of my brother, and a few other personal moments, that led me to rethink my life and seek a greater purpose for myself. A purpose I found through channeling my emotions through the written word.
  • As I drifted aimlessly in the world of Medium, I eventually started finding my niche — social causes and empathy. The same serving heart that carried me through military life I would channel into my writing instead.
  • From that point, everything started making more sense. It would lead me into many avenues of the Medium blogging space, and evolve me as a content creator.
  • As the pandemic rearranged life, I actually found more spare time to indulge in my writing. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve made the best of it and did everything I can to learn about the world of content creation and blogging.
  • What started off as somewhat random personal essays about…anything really eventually became focused on speaking up for everyone. Whether it’s the cause of Black Lives Matter, politics, positive advocation of mental health, sexual empowerment and respect for women’s rights, etc., etc. If there’s a cause to be found, I’ll most likely write about it (or if someone requests it of me).
  • Occasionally, I branch off into other topics like writing advice, gaming, finance, or whatever. It may come off as random and unfocused, but I need these type of articles to give me a break from the heavier topics. That’s just how I work.

And yeah…that’s the end of my not-so-quick recap. My bad.

Empathy Is My Content And All Of You Make My Day.

— Dayon Cotton —

All jokes aside, I appreciate every one of you. Like seriously, I try to respond and give genuine responses whenever possible. You all made my 2020 insanely better. Whether it’s just giving me claps, responding in my comments section, reaching out to me through Twitter and email, or giving me sincere honest advice, I genuinely appreciate all of you. I know nothing of your personal lives, but just know, that I’m grateful for supporting my work.

A very big Thank You and Happy New Year! The below list does not contain every single person that follows me or interacts with my writing ( I’m human and I don’t have the capacity to track all of you down).

However, this is a love letter of appreciation to many people that helped me along 2020:

Allison Gaines, Joe Duncan, Yael Wolfe, Demeter deLune, Zuva, Genius Turner, C Mon Amie, Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her), Elan Cassandra, Holly Bradshaw, Emma London, Lora Diakonov, Cloudspinning, Catherine Caruso, James Finn, Jupiter Grant, Bre Venanzio, J.J. Pryor, Elle Beau ❇︎, Bradlee Bryant, Ollie Anntan, Coka Brown, Christyl Rivers, Phd., Alexandra Tsuneta, Cocoa Griot, Zara Everly, GrayMatter, Michelle Elizabeth, Ryan Fan, Jordan Mendiola, TellMePls, Ebeth Ronaldo, Walter Rhein, Obinna Morton, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Dorothy Hines, Ph. D., Helen Cassidy Page

…and many more! You know who you are. There are too many of you at this point. My following has expanded to the point that I’m probably not going to do this again next year. Just know I’m grateful for you being there to read my work.

Happy New Year and Stay Safe Out There!

(If you want to reach out to me, find me on Twitter @dayoncotton00 or my email,

I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life,, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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