Fighting Is The Most Important Part Of Good Writing

Writing is an unyielding fight against everything life throws at us

We all have our own battles and writing is no different. Writing is often seen as just sitting down, allowing the words to flow, and hitting the “submit” button. However, it runs deeper than that. If it was that easy, all of us would be best-selling authors.

Nah…writing is more than just wordplay, it’s a neverending fight against ourselves. It’s a constant one-on-one match against the hardest, darkest parts of our souls. Whether it’s the physical distractions of life or confronting the darkest parts of our psyche, we’re all fighting against something. It’s this fight that elevates writing beyond mere words on a page.

If you followed my work, you may have noticed I haven’t published anything in nearly a month.

Well, I been dealing with y own fights lately. Some of these fights are physical, some are a fight within, but they all share a commonality.

You have to keep fighting every day.

Writing is more than just words, it’s a fight to overcome every single thing life throws at you.

Fighting Against The Body

For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with crippling migraines. While I have lived with sporadic headaches for much of my life, lately they have spiked to a new level. Eventually, this led me to a first-class trip to the ER room.

While I’m still going through the process of discovering the source of this condition, it was a harsh reminder of how finite the human form is. No matter how strong you think you are, the human body can only handle so much. Eventually, we all have to reckon with our physical weakness.

Plus, have you ever tried to write and be creative while dealing with a severe migraine?! That shit is not easy — actually, it’s pretty damn painful. With every attempt at writing, I found myself hitting increasingly harder brick walls. As much as I hate to admit it, I had to be honest with myself and give in.

I’m currently going through the process of physical therapy and healing as I try to find the source of these mysterious pains. However, I’m not giving up yet.

Besides, I much rather die on my feet than in a medical bed.

Fighting Against Self-Doubts

“Am I good enough?”

The undying question in the mind of every creative is will our work earn the admiration we crave.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been fighting against this shit. I have been bullied, become the bully, abandoned, had mentors give up on me, been told to die (on multiple occasions), and so much other bullshit that this sentence would become too long if I named them all. Hell, it already is too long.

I fight against this one on a daily basis since I was a fucking kid, and I still keep fighting against yet. Perhaps, more than the dreams of money and ambition, it’s this fight that may keep me going the most.

When we reach one peek, there is another one teasing us. You wrote one really good article??! Good. Do it again!

Doubts are hard and painful because they strike us at the very core of who we are. No one else can we this fight for you, it’s all on you.

Fighting Against Critics

Friends, family, and even complete stranger…

I love you all, but your criticism is one of the things I’ll fight against. Everybody has an opinion, and trying to bring you down. From negative comments to people doubting your dreams to infecting everything you do with negativity, this struggle hurts. It hurts not because of what is said, but because of who it’s coming from.

When you go to your friends, but their first response is to bring you down. Even though many of them aren’t even trying to chase their dreams, many of them will be the first to doubt you.

When your family doubts your ambition, it’s tough. Of all people, family are the closest to your heart and soul. It’s tough to hear it coming from them.

Fighting Against Life Itself

Everyone has experienced firsthand the painful bullet of life. It injures us, wounds us, and hurts us beyond belief. From the pandemic to random acts of chaos, life is indifferent to us all. It does not care for status or background. It doesn’t conspire against your or hold personal vendetta.

And yet we keep going and fight anyway.

As writers, we know very well how shitty life can be. Writing good work isn’t easy, and it’s a skill that everyone takes for granted. However, we fight and persist anyway. It’s one of the best tools in our repertoire is our. Our dogged persistence to keep going and write despite everything that comes our way.

We fight because that’s what we do best.

The Fight Never Ends

The fight of a writer isn’t easy. I know this well.

In the past year, I have suffered much behind the scenes that I haven’t wrote about yet. Loss, grief, and suicidal thoughts hide within me on a daily basis. Yet I fight onwards anyway and persist. I channel that inner darkness into something the world can use.

This fight doesn’t have an end, only a beginning. But as writers, we’re the strongest fighters we know.

I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life,, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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