I’m Returning To Medium!…. And Things Will Be Different Now

Taking another shot at the Dream

Dayon Cotton


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In September of 2021, I took a brief trip home. As an active-duty US Navy who was stationed far from home, this was a much-needed getaway from my routine of military life. The pandemic was forcing me to confront a lot of harsh truths and I needed a getaway from all of it.

It was my first time returning to my hometown, a small town in Texas that you will probably never hear about. While Texas gets a bad rep for many things, it’s also a remarkably peaceful place. A world away from the constant outcry and chaos of our social-media-induced society. It’s simple folk looking to enjoy each day as they come.

It’s quiet and simple — a place that never changes in a world that’s changing faster than everyday people can handle.

It was nice to get away from it all. What started as a brief trip home became a 3-month hiatus from writing, and making content altogether. (And willfully allowing my stats to die — they're just numbers anyway.)

And while I was there, I had the space to think and focus on other things.

Happier, more peaceful things…

…and pondering some of the bigger questions in my life.

Some of those questions are:

“What separates me from the best writers — the top writers of the world?

From Medium greats like Sean Kernan, Yael Wolfe, Joe Duncan, Ayodeji Awosika, Jessica Wildfire, and Rebecca Stevens A. to World-Class writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mark Manson, what can I do personally to push myself further as a writer?

“How can I take my content creation to the next level? What am I doing — or not doing — that is slowing me down? Is becoming a better writer even in my path — or should I look to the future of video content?”

“What is my life after the military going to look like? I’m sacrificing years of experience as a mechanical engineer to become an IT specialist in Cloud Computing and Data Science. Is that going to be enough to sustain me financially as I pursue my dreams?”

“Actually, what are my dreams? What is all of this content creation for?”



Dayon Cotton

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