Our Most Important Relationship Has Nothing To Do With Money, Love, Or Social Media.

It’s also the most painful love we will ever experience

Dayon Cotton
4 min readDec 21, 2021
Mac Miller’s Self-Care Wallpaper (Credit goes to his record label and team)

“It ain’t perfect but I don’t mind
’Cause on the surface I know so fine
But really I’m bugging, bugging
Making something out of nothing”

— Rapper/Songwriter, Mac Miller —

My first real love in life wasn’t with my parents, sadly — I was in love with my addictions.

I, mean sure, I obviously love and care about my parents, but it always paled in comparison to my addictions.

And for me, those addictions were numerous — people-pleasing and alcohol. God, I let people get under my skin so much growing up. Whether they were good or bad influences were irrelevant, I just liked satisfying others.

They did more than rent-free in my head — I gave them the whole building with amenities!

My addictions weren’t drug-related, but they sure felt like it. Over the years, they always sprung up again in some new form, ready to ruin my current happiness. Like a high, I would yearn for it sometimes. And like any good high, you have to crash back into reality eventually.



Dayon Cotton

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