Quarantine Is A Perfect Medicine For Physical Therapy

Who knew a pandemic would be so healing?

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” — Marcus Aurelius

You may not have control over your situation, but you can certainly find beauty in your circumstances. For example, taking this time out to heal an overly injured body now that the gym industry is mostly closed for business. With nowhere to go, now is the perfect time to focus on healing.

Personally, I have labored to an intense degree to build up my body, only to have hidden injuries suddenly wreck years of hard work. It’s utterly frustrating to be confined to my home and just…wait.

Like c’mon. I feel great, and I’m ready for action!

Unfortunately, my body says otherwise. So like many people around the world, I’m using this time to heal and practice physical therapy. My body wants time to heal? Fine. Now we have all of the time we could ask for.

After nearly two months of enduring this quarantine and giving myself the proper rest time, I feel incredible!

We’re living in a time period where we’re being forced to slow down instead of speeding up. Particularly for Americans, we’re used to the mindset of constant productivity and go-getter attitudes. Ironically, we’re now dealing with the inverse. Utilizing our free time and learning to think.

Healing is a slow process and it requires time. Physical therapy lacks the rush of heightened physical prowess and incredible athleticism. You’re forced to be more deliberate and more methodical in your approach to fitness. It’s no longer about how much weight you can move or how fast you can respond, but how well you can do efficiently.

Re-Build Yourself

Serious question for ya: how often do you abuse your body?

How frequently do we push our bodies through hell in the vain hope of reaching…something on the other side? Whatever that something is, is it even worth it?

There are so many ways we can take our physical form for granted. Alcohol and drugs slowly degrade our strength and steal our confidence. Overwork and stress take its toll and it isn’t cheap. When relationships go wrong, promising careers result in layoffs, and the hard truths of life come out, it’s often easier to get lost in our vices. In our pursuit of excellence, we run the risk of permanently damaging one of the most fundamental aspects of being human:

Our health.

I won’t simplify all of this and say that it’s easy. Life is hard. Life can be ferociously difficult and indifferent to your soul. However, you have to give yourself some credit and know you can make it on the other side. Reaching the endpoint of healing means doing the work and showing up every time.

I’m using this quarantine to heal and hit the reset button on my physical limits. Finally, giving my body the rest it’s demanding from me for some time. I’m a power-lifter and active military duty member and I’m always finding new ways to push my limits. Or if I’m in a negative mood, it’s so much easier to self-destruct instead of building myself.

Take this time to heal and slow down. For many of us, we have more time than we know what to do with. So use it!

— Heal those injuries. I have constantly been placing heated pads on overworked muscle sections of my body to reduce swelling and soreness.

— Create a stretch routine. I personally stretch during the morning and at night to maintain the much-needed flexibility that I will need once this pandemic is over with. For older folk, this will definitely go a long way in preserving your physical prowess.

— Dwell on positivity, not negativity. There is a flood of negativity filling the world right now, and it seems to get harder to annoy with each day. Don’t give in. Your thoughts will determine if this period of your life will be heaven…or hell for you.

Stay strong and keep healing.

Thanks for reading!

Dayon Cotton is a practicing stoic and is currently enjoying adventures in self-love and therapy.

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I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life, dayon1020@gmail.com, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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