Thank You to the Writers of Medium

Gratitude, giving thanks, and a quick update after my first year writing on Medium.

Every day is a chance to show gratitude. Today, I’m showing gratitude to one of my favorite communities — the writers of Medium.

Like many people, I discovered Medium through a Google search that eventually led me here. I landed on the website’s homepage and became captivated by the seemingly infinite high quality articles on display. I have never experienced the “kid in a candy store” effect, but if I did, that was probably it.

My passion for writing has always felt like this private thing that no else could know about. A special esoteric feeling that only I, and a special few close to me, quite understood. Medium has given me a world of people that can relate to the creativity and struggle of writing. A place of acceptance and belonging where it doesn’t matter what you write about it. As long as you write it.

Most importantly, it was nice to feel like I wasn’t alone in the love-hate relationship that the writer’s life entails.

My First Year Publishing Articles

In November of last year, I published my first article. I had no idea what to expect and honestly no expectations of success. I wrote it, posted on Facebook, and anxiously awaited judgement from the world around me. It was my first time making my writing my public.

Like any creative mind, you can’t help but fear the worse when it comes to your work. For writers, the fear of judgment can be crippling and can often impede creative output.

To my shock and surprise, everyone was very supportive of my writing abilities. I received much praise for being able to write well and articulate my thoughts in such detail. (This is coming off like a humble-brag but I’m pretty proud of this. I was relentlessly nervous about what people would think of my writing at the time.) This gave me confidence boost I needed to go forth and embrace publicly sharing my work.

In the aftermath of many personal events throughout this year, Medium has given me a great escape from the chaos of life. Whether it’s getting lost in the many success stories, learning to be better at relationships, or simply reading the news from the perspective of a low-profile writer, Medium has become a beautiful retreat for me.

Gratitude for Writers

If it were possible, I would love to meet every writer here face-to-face and personally thank them for their time and words. Some write as a way of generating revenue and traffic for their business. Others write as an emotional release from life. In either case, your writing has inspired me, and countless others, and on behalf of everyone that writes here on Medium, thank you.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

— King Solomon —

Dayon Cotton is active duty US Navy, writer and public speaker. If you like this piece or desire my services, email me at I’m based out of New London, Connecticut.

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I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life,, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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