Why Alpha Male Sexual Attraction Is Kinda Overrated

Authenticity is much more appealing than bravado

Dayon Cotton


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Okay, stop me if you heard this one.

We’ve all heard the stories about “Alpha Males” and their ability to attract female desire. That those who are blessed with the title possess the innate ability to attract every beautiful woman within a 1-mile radius with nothing more than a smile and a glance. Whether it’s due to a godlike physique, Tony Stark-type lifestyle, or a charm that borders near superpowers, these guys are among the worst worshipped and respected of our society.

And while that definition has changed over the years, the qualities of one have often stayed the same.

He’s The Man. And when I say the “man”, I mean specifically in all caps, THE MAN! THE GUY! THAT DUDE!

He’s the man that could be slapped on an Instagram caption and a sweet-sounding Hollywood quote. Generally, around 6 feet in height or higher, has wealth, status, power, and a swagger that makes people look different. When he enters the room, people pay attention and give him space to talk.

He’s that *guy*. (And maybe something else starting with an “N”.)

But, most of all, regardless of what those qualities are, he gets the girl.

Your girl. My girl. The girl of your dreams. Our dreams.

He’s the guy most often portrayed by Hollywood leading men like Denzel Washington, Daniel Craig, and the like.

Yes, we’ve all heard about the elusive Alpha Men that are hiding amongst society. Considered the rarest and most exceptional of modern men, they are the pinnacle of manliness. The top-tier of sexual expertise and oral finesse. A prime example of what a man should be.

And if you believe in all of that bullshit, I just wrote I feel sorry for you.

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