Why Becoming An Amateur Is Better Than Being A Professional

Stop trying to do better and just do it

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We All Have To Start Somewhere

Perfectionism is the silent killer of many goals. While many people preach the need for high-quality, there needs to be an acknowledgment that becoming an amateur can be just as good. As creatives and creators, we all have had to start from square one. Through practice, time, and continuous effort, our ability to create improve exponentially.

Find Your Audience

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Here’s the thing:

Progress Is Stil Progress

Time and time again, I would create content expecting it to fail and patiently waiting for the critics to roll in. Like vultures feeding on a corpse, I expected them to murder any hope of my skills growing. That my passion was all for not and that would I never be as good as my veteran peers.

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