Why Everyone Should Stop Freaking Out Over The Changes To Medium.

Medium doesn’t owe us anything. Stop expecting it.

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The (Un)Popularity Contest

Let’s keep it real — Medium has devolved into a popularity contest over the past year.

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What about the writers of short-stories, cartoons, and poetry? The system is bias against us. Don’t we deserved to get paid?

Without hesitation, I would say yes to this.

Being a Writer has NEVER been easy

Read that headline again if you need to.

“Medium has enabled writers all around the world to have a voice, but it was never designed to cater to us. It gave writers a platform, but it was never meant to make you rich. That part is up to you.”

Writing is a career filled with self-determination. Often, your success is determined by how often you’re willing to show up and put in the time to perfect your craft. Even then, even if you’re the world’s highest quality writer, the ubiquitous “Muhammad Ali” of writing, you can still fail.

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