Why I’m Going To Take My Writing More Seriously In 2021

It’s time to push the limits

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Achieving The Next Level

What are the two things that Allison Gaines, Joe Duncan, Genius Turner, and Yael Wolfe all have in common?

  1. They are some of my favorite writers, but that’s not the important part.
  2. The important part is they take their writing seriously. They are committed to the craft of wordplay and they put in the work. Writing is a hard commitment to improving yourself bit by bit. They each give their words the care they need to grind and shine.

Going forward, my endgoal is to do the same and reach that level. While I have come a long way as a writer, I still have quite the distance remaining. However, while writing has always been a fun hobby for myself, I have always dreamt of what could happen if I tried to achieve that elusive next level.

For the rest of this year, I aim to turn that dream into a reality.

In January, I published several high quality articles that led to one of my best months as an internet blogger. I had even started branching out and finally started to creating for my YouTube channel too. Instead of talking about my goals, I got my shit together and started running after them.

However, like always, life had other plans for me.

Long story short, my medical health is interfering with my writing and various other aspects of life. Thankfully, nothing Covid-related but it’s becoming a severe impediment to creating high-quality content. Due to reasons that I still trying to figure out, I have been suffering a series of extremely painful migraines. I don’t know why they are happening nor an exact remedy to stop them. I do know that when they strike, it’s extremely disruptive to my usual routines. It has forced me to miss time from my day job and has placed me in something of a precarious position.

Which leads me back to my writing — or lack thereof. Lately, I haven’t published much of anything. Even with the few articles I have published, it was a real struggle just to write them at all. As a side effect of my medical condition, various minor elements will contribute to the head tension I’m currently dealing with. In particular, light sensitivity is a big contribution to the migraines I’m currently dealing with. Even with my glasses, that were specifically designed to combat photosensitivity, I have become more sensitive than ever before to lighting.

Writing + Looking at screen = Very bad headache for me.

And it’s not just light sensitivity that’s the problem. Noisy environments, stress, and possibly damaged jaw muscles are all contributors to the pain inside me. So basically my normal routines are all fucked right now until I figured things out.

And these migraine episodes aren’t just minor head tension — it’s the worst fucking pain I have ever experienced. In the past two weeks, I have had to make a trip to the ER twice because the pain got so out of control. When I’m told asked to rate my pain between 1–10, this is the first time I have said 10 out of 10 and actually meant it. When the pain is so bad that I fall to my knees and tears leak from my face, it’s time to seriously consider options.

In the words of my Doc, I’m experiencing the feedback loop from Hell. I agree.

With the aid of a neurologist specialist, I have slowly started recovering some semblance of normalcy. Through the use of natural remedies and destress techniques, I’m at least minimizing the daily pain and giving myself a fighting chance. Later on, I’m getting an MRI to determine if there is something more insidious such as possible tumors or aneurisms. Once that’s ruled out, some good ole physical therapy will be just the thing to sort things out. It’s a lot to work around, but I have to bare with it until I get this sorted out.

However, there is one, beautiful, silver lining to all of this.

In being forced not to write and minimize my daily interactions, it has given me a new level of respect for the world of writing. In taking away something that I started to take for granted, it’s making me realize how much I really appreciate the skill of writing.

Pushing The Limits

“You’re better than you think you are.”

I’ve heard this same line time and time again in the past year. Over the past year, I have been given much respect and encouragement from different people from my writing. However, I’m the first person to humble myself and try not let it all go to my head.

But this time, I think I will let some of it hype me up. Just a bit.

The thing is those people are absolutely right — my writing is leaps and bounds better than what it used to be. And I have stats to prove it. Over the past year, I have gone from 0 views to averaging around 4,000 views each month. That number could be higher if I actually put in more work and published more frequently. At my current rate, I publish once a day, for half a month. To be honest, that isn’t much of a commitment. On the flip side, if I wanted to publish more than that, I could if I really wanted to.

On top of that, I’m no longer on my own either. When I first started my blogging journey, it was just a laptop and myself. Now, I’m my eyes have opened up and know a whole world of writers. We’re all chasing after the same things in our own ways, but I absolutely love the joy of this awareness.

The egos. The comparisons. The passion. The Joy. The Highs. The Lows.

It’s incredible to fill like part of this bigger tapestry. It’s a rat race that I actually enjoy to some degree. I love it all. It may be adding to my increasingly workaholic tendencies, but I love this shit.

As someone who is obsessed with constant progression and goal-oriented results, slowing down and living with limits is a difficult pill to swallow. However, I think I can make this work. The bar is still the same — I just have to work a bit harder to reach it.

On top of my writing ambitions, there is also my goals of creating for my YouTube channel, Groovy Day (Working title, will probably change it later. Yes, I know it sounds lame.) With my need to minimize screen time, it’s making camera work more difficult, but if I shift to voiceover format, it could give me the boost I need for my workflow.

Keep Fighting

The hardest part of fighting isn’t the actual fight — it’s playing defense. Going on the offense is easy, but taking the punches and stay standing is the real test.

In my current state, everything is much harder than it used to be. It requires a level of conscious living that was previously missing from my life. However, in living with more intentionality, it’s revealing the truths I need to move forward.

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Dayon Cotton is Active Duty US Navy and Freelance Writer. I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and advice on how to live a better life. Stay safe out there!

I write dope articles about social issues, life lessons, and living a better life, dayon1020@gmail.com, Follow My Twitter! @dayoncotton00, Active Duty US Navy

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